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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 6, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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great viral videos "right this minute." the dog has never seen anything like it and neither have we. a snake filled with quills. >> from a porcupine. >> see about messing with the wrong rodent. a reporter set out on a social experiment. why women might be surprised at the result. >> i was thinking the exact same thing. >> a paraglider looking to land has lots and lots of choices. why those power lines probably not the best option. with that, we're breaking down the best on the web including meghan trainor knows her smurf songs.
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claire ryan shows why she's a kid who can hold her own. >> the grand circle of life, people gotta eat, lions gotta eat and even the dreaded snake has to eat. the latest in south africa. the snake was crawling across that porch right there next to the kitchen, so they had to call a snake rescuer. look how long this big guy is. >> oh, that thing is huge. >> this snake was 17 feet long. >> it's an african rock python and it was the kids who noticed it. they were like, hey, mom and dad, there's a snake on the porch. >> there has been overhunting of what they normally eat so they are now going into villages and onto properties of homes that s ve livestock because they are have overhunted their source of food. >> here is the family posing with the snake in question.
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>> wow. >> the snake removal said, you know what, we thank this family for calling us so we can relocate it to a game reserve instead of killing him because that snake is actually protected. this snake, there's no protection. no armor to protect this bo, a constrictor from the porcupine. >> the wrodude. >> that porcupine left everything on the floor in that ballots. >> like a pincushion. >> help it out. somebody catch it and pull the pins out. >> go ahead. >> i would. with help. you guys would help me, wouldn't >> all the crazy sports we see on this show, saying i want to into. it looks so much fun. this guy flying open green fields below. he says he's got some sort of emergency. he's looking for a place to land. if you look around, he's got lots and lots of choices.
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if you look a little bit closer, you'll notice that they are of lines. >> he's coming down. >> let's get up and over that power line. over that one. all right. we're clear of both those power lines. looks like he's got some wide s. wait a minute. >> come on. >> finally touches down safely. question the idea of getting into paragliding. it looks perfect. i don't know what would cause it to suddenly go -- he's frantically trying to reinflate the right side. then it seems to fold up on him all over again. >> you've got to rely on your training and hopefully wouldn't blank out like i would. >> got that reserve shoot ready to go. the video cuts and goes right to this all tangled up in a tree. it looks like it takes quite a
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while for someone to get to him. the next cut in the video he uploaded is near total darkness. >> the good thing is he survived it. running high amongst high school students all across the country. why? this is the time of the year they start getting acceptance or rejection letters from the school they applied to. i have two videos here that show a couple of reactions. the first one, this student is there with his parents and he's applied to university of pennsylvania. they are all excited. he can't believe what he's reading. >> congratulations! >> i got in! >> so did he get in? >> he definitely got in. he's going to upenn.
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sure, that's the school you want to go to. you order your t-shirt and hope it goes the way you want, like this guy wearing the harvard sweatshirt because that's obviously where he wants to go. he's surrounded by his peers, they are eagerly awaiting to hear the news. and the room just erupts in cheer and celebration. everybody is just hugging him. i don't know where he is right now. we lost him. >> that's a bold move. he did it in front of everybody. i have to be honest, i didn't truly understand just how bad it is for women until i started dating my now wife in my early 20s. men followed, men catcalled and terrified her. bearing that in mind, the daily mail decided to try and turn that situation on its head. took a female journalist, sent her out to catcall men.
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exactly like many women have seen literally every day of their lives. some people completely ignore her. some people respond. >> it doesn't have the same affect, though. she's not physically a threat to them. a lot of guys are like, thanks, i got a compliment today. >> in some cases people are straight up flattered. she tried to demonstrate the persistence of these people the way they keep saying and keep saying and keep saying stuff. >> come back. >> i saw many holes in the social experiment but they really lost me here. [ inaudible ]. >> turns out they really liked it. i'm sorry. this completely misses the point of the entire situation.
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if you really wanted to maybe demonstrate what it's like, you'd have to get 50 or 60 journalists and target one guy following him around the whole day bothering and bothering him. instead of like hello, hand some. >> they like it because it's not pervasive in their daily life. they get to experience it as a novelty. >> the way they ended up concluding it, men just like it. >> very nice. a clever sea creature is hanging out down below following his best i'm not here move. >> find out what happens when mr. octopus realizes he's got company. a six-year-old girl as friblg i will as glass. >> a mutation in her dna. >> before she was one-year-old she had broken 100 years old. >> that's got to be so painful. >> see how she and her family are stricking together and going strong. a lot of water..icking toge
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in hawaii, this diver is actually looking straight at a pretty amazing animal. the cool thing about it is you can't really see it. you will soon. >> there it is. >> october must. >> pulling his best i'm not here move. but the diver keeps getting closer and closer and this octopus is like step back,bo br don't make me do it. suddenly a batman move. smoky bomb, keep an eye in the background because he's like -- >> cool, man. this next video, 440 feet below australian waters and this is awesome. right on the end of that probe is a little bit of food. look at that one. there's always a bigger one out there. what's this? makes a grab for the food. another one out of nowhere, wraps him up. that was awesome.
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>> for us. >> all about survival of the fittest, who is the biggest, who is the strongest. in this case that one was. >> i honestly loved this video. i thought it was awesome. >> this episode of born different is titled the child who is made of glass. after you learn the story of little 6-year-old zo earthquae, going to understand how real that title is. >> zoe has broken countless bones. >> we stopped counting because it's pointless. >> she has brittle bones because of a genetic mutation. >> this is going to be really dangerous. children can be born with broken limbs. >> we were told it was a one in 50,000 thans for chance for it to her. >> before she was one-year-old, she had already broken 100 bones. >> that has to be so painful. >> this girl is full of energy, full of happiness and so
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incredibly resilient. her family has to be so careful how they maneuver around her. when she was an infant, they needed three people to change her diaper. >> i was on arms duty. i gave her a little room and it startled into my hand. it sounded like a broken chicken bone. her radius and ulna snapped. >> that is ridiculous. >> she has endured a number of surgeries including one to keep her spine from snapping and causing internal decapitation. >> i have to give it to this family for making it work. >> they found this park, the only one she's able to play on because the ground is made out of foam and not woodchips or sand. it's big enough because some of
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the slides the mom can go into with her and let her experience what some of the other kids are in the park. because of her condition it's going to affect their entire life. their home and vehicles for their needs. they have a go fund me. go to or the mobile app. >> i know you take great care of your hair. gayle, yours looks lovely by the way. maybe you should go visit this man in russia, who is cutting some hair right now. >> they call it the big chop. but i don't think they use an axe. >> he is clearly using a very sharp axe as he chops away at this young model's hair. she's an actual active model. here she is letting him -- >> hack at her hair. >> i think you call it the quick clip. this is a performance that
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you're watching. she was all part of it. it was all choreographed. she says in the report that they went through the moves. she knew what was going on. and this isn't fake hair. that really was her hair. even though it was a performance, that was her hair. >> just asking for a little off the back. >> more than that. >> i can't believe she went along with this. her hair is essentially going to need another haircut to even out what he did. >> apparently you're wrong. she says she loves the way it came out. and she feels like her hair was cut better than some of the expensive salons she's gone to. she's very happy with her cut. i don't have the picture of the actor, but i can tell you what she looked like before. >> let's be honest, if your hairdresser wears a mask and carries an axe you're going to tell him it's great. you're not going to complain and he's going to get good tips. >> frustrated. >> i present to you the rage cage. >> next "right this minute."
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still to come, it's a frustrating scene when a vehicle comes through and smashes into cars. find out how another angle reveals there's more to the story. plus an update on the mama cat who made a family garage her home. >> everybody is happy and crawling all over mom. >> see why they are still living happily ever after. >> a little kid entourage. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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observe the roads of the world where everything is going just fine, until it's not. one of the most notorious roads m25, hard shoulder is obviously broken down. don't worry a couple of traffic officers have stopped to help. this is the moment where they start meandering, walking back to their vehicle just in time, as it would happen, because suddenly out of nowhere this vehicle executes a perfect pirouette slamming into the back of that white van exactly where those traffic officers were standing just five seconds before. >> those officers are thinking, here we go again. >> unfortunately in this case everybody was out of the way and nobody was harmed. >> such dangerous work. >> head to mexico for what has to be one of the most frustrating ways your car can get wrecked parked outside your house. >> nice front lawn. >> smash.
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there it goes suddenly from the left-hand side. apparently what was called a jetta smashes into the cars. you crashed right into them. i was so frustrated right up until i saw the second angle. here we can see the same two white cars here but we can also see behind them a four-way intersection. the reason this video is uploaded, they are looking for help identifying that mercedes, the one that caused the accident. apparently the driver, who some people say was a female, then vanished. don't know the sex of this animal but we know that animal is not happy to be stuck there. >> are you stuck on the ice? technically you're a husky. >> is this like one solid leap from ground. >> don't you know how cold that water is? >> if you jump far enough you won't fall in the water. >> it doesn't freeze. >> if nick and i got into the
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water we'd make a similar sound, too. >> here we go. time to evacuate. >> okay. the self-rescue was somebody just coming over and doing what we do to dogs. my baby, i'll help you. >> quite clearly. >> now time for a little bit of an update. not long ago i told you about a family -- >> a squatter. >> a squatter cat decided to take residence in their garage on a sleeping bag. you know what, we're not going to kick them out but document the kittens. >> really cute. >> the family started go fund me page. they are trying to raise money so they can get them spayed and neutered and shots so they can go to permanent homes. >> the good thing is there are community organizations that will help with the reduced cost. >> they are really, really cute
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kittens. you can see their eyes are open now. everybody is happy and crawling all over mom. >> like a little kitten entourage. this little superstar is covering a tune from smurf soundtrack. >> it's kind of adorable. >> why her version of the meghan trainor i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house. ♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you?
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i am a fan of three specific things in this segment. one, the smurfs. i watch that quite frequently on saturday mornings. >> smurf, yeah. >> totally smurfy. >> the smurf's village opens at a theater near you. >> i used to watch those in espanol. >> what's the spanish word for smurf? [ speaking spanish ] >> have to put that through everything they speak? [ speaking spanish ] >> cool. >> that's fascinating. number two. i'm a big fan of meghan trainor. she wrote a song for a movie called "i'm a lady." there's a little lady who has already done a cover of this. i am a fan of hers now. her name is claire ryan. she's 4 years old and she does
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her version. >> i don't look like them i don't worry about it i don't worry about it ♪ >> hi. >> hold on. is this the girl we've seen sing before who has had viral videos. >> we have seen her before. one of her most recent videos was "you've got a friend in me" with her dad ♪ i made it made it ♪ >> super talented kid. >> her voice is so sweet. >> that's our show. if you don't know by now, we've got a website called go check it out. we'll see you next time.
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call... to refi now. >> ♪ >> good afternoon i'm meteorologist adam joseph with this accuweather update. the worst of the storm is passing through our area. low pressure is working on the just to the south and west of washington. you can see the leading edge or back edge of these storms beginning to push into parts of delaware and that will excel to the north over the next couple hours. storms are moving from the south to the north at speeds of 60 miles an hour seeing winds within storms of 50 miles an hour, some pea sized hail and tremendous amounts of lightning in and around northeast philadelphia from mount holly to georgetown trenton and mercer county torrential rain, 105 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. none of the storms are technically severe but they are strong and very nasty and a lot of water on the roadways in south jersey, along the atlantic city expressway,


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